It’s a no-brainer in current times to have some sort of online client acquisition strategy. You know, the kind that attracts you a steady stream of new cases. Referrals don’t always hold up, and can run dry quickly. 

Ranking on google is not worth it, unless you want to spend anywhere from $10,000 and upwards per month. Legal keywords are infamous for being some of the most competitive search terms, and are easily in the top most expensive keywords to rank for. 

This does not mean that you don’t focus on SEO for your law firm, but don’t rely too much on it and diversify. 

Start by building a strong brand that’ll last

If you think that branding is all about expensive letterheads and business cards and winning marketing awards. You’re wrong. 

Any solid marketing strategy starts with the a concrete clear-cut message. What are your USPs? If your website doesn’t immediately let your prospective clients know what makes you different, you’re missing big opportunities. 

You know your clients, and look for something that resonates with them. Take a client that’s filing for bankruptcy for example, offer them a friendly and no up-front costs but a monthly plan. While everyone in that client’s life will be hounding them for money, you’ll seem like a safe haven for them. 

What’s your value proposition?

Why should your clients listen to you? What is your target audience going through, for example, fathers going through child divorce or child custody case? 

Build landing pages that demonstrate your USPs and value proposition

Landing pages and funnels are crucial in 2020 for law firms to succeed. There’s no better way to resonate with your clients then setting up a landing page that specifically tailors to them. Imagine the power of running paid traffic to landing pages optimized for your type of cases. 

Here your leads “arrive” and where you can start the process of converting them.

Here are some tips to get your landing pages to work:

  • Get a copywriter to write and inspire a specific action
  • Optimized for specific action-related keywords such as “child custody laws for fathers in New York” or “legal advice for DUI in Seattle” (or any off the AdWords phrases or search term you are targeting)
  • Unique for each specific service you are promoting, this allows you to be hyper specific and convert your leads better

Ultimately, building landing pages or funnels are the best way to demonstrate your USPs and value proposition specific to your target audience that you want to attract. 

Book a call with us and find out how we can help you set up a proven client acquisition system online. 

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