How do you scale and grow your law firm in the digital age where competition is fierce. People have so much choice and expect more from lawyers, which makes attorneys compete with legal document technicians to virtual law offices and self-help legal websites. According to eMarketer statistics, in the US, digital marketing spend has surpassed traditional marketing in 2019. Which indicates that in today’s world you’ll need at least some form of digital marketing to stay competitive and consistently generate new cases. 

Ttake back control and cut through the noise.

Here’s why you have to implement a digital client acquisition strategy:

1. Retargeting your website visitors to warm up your audience 

Your first time visitors might not feel confident enough to start taking action to hire you immediately, on average it takes 7 touchpoints before a client or customer hires you. Consider it building a trustworthy relation, they would just need another “reminder” or “touchpoint” before deciding to hire you. The only way to start retargeting website visitors is if you have installed a Facebook Pixel. 
This powerful piece of tracking code, once installed on your website, will track all visitors and their actions allowing you to retarget specific audiences on your website. It’s not rocket science, you can find the Facebook Pixel in your ads manager. It literally takes two clicks to copy and install it on your website. 

2. Find people who are highly similar to your current clients 

Do you know your client demographics? You should! It’s easy to target specific demographics with Facebook Ads, allowing to hyper target your audience that will most likely hire you. But that’s not all. It’s possible to create a lookalike audience that is highly similar to your current audience that for example visits your website or took action on your website. That way you can make sure that this audience will convert and become a client of yours. It’s a way of Facebook taking the targeting off your plate, and doing all the hard work. 

3. Use your content to attract high quality cases 

You want to blend in and join the conversation on Facebook, people are there to connect with family and friends, entertainment and informational purposes like looking at puppies! This is where you share content that might help potential clients of yours. What are your potential clients struggling with or what would be great to know for personal injury cases? Create content on Facebook or share it from your blog!

4. It’s a social platform so be social and use current events! 

Don’t confuse people with lawyer jargon or bombard them with your services, but share something that is current or something popular that might be related to your services. It’s a subtle way of creating awareness and become an authority within your profession. Feature a famous or trending case and relate it to your cases or give your professional opinion on it. 
Lastly, remember that Facebook is a social platform but very very powerful in consistently attracting new cases for you. Stay ahead of competition and start implementing now! 

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