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YouTube Ads For Law Firms

YouTube is one of the most influential — yet easily underrated — advertising channels available online. Text based ads like many firms do can be easy to forget. Video ads on the other hand catch attention right away because of one sensory experience “sound”. The amazing thing about YouTube ads is that you can reach billions of people with a lower ad spend budget. 

Why Does Your Firm Need YouTube Ads?

  • Increase the number of leads & cases you sign
  • Improve brand awareness of your law firm & grow your top of funnel audience
  • Increase level of trust with consumers by increasing frequency and staying top of mind
  • Target users by demographics, interests & keywords at the same time. Which you cannot do on Facebook or Google Search

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Video Content: The Time & Production Issue for Law Firms

Video content sounds like a daunting and expensive task. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Now a days most people online get away with iPhone videos and good closed caption edits. The video itself does not even have to be that long. Most successful Facebook or YouTube Ad videos are around 30 seconds to 3 minutes. In order for the video to be successful you must have all the main selling factors: 

  • Create value in the first 15 seconds 
  • Be frequent and engrave your video content in the users brain
  • Have a thumbnail that POPS, as the thumbnail & headline are the main things they will see 
  • The headline or call-to-action (CTA) needs to be clear and precise showing the offer/value right away
  • Add closed captions to your video. This is crucial for engagement

How to Get Started with YouTube Ads

Visit the YouTube Ad center here.

Once you have opened the page you can click “start advertising”.

Lawyer YouTube Ads Verdict

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Odds are your ideal client searches YouTube for legal topics and content. That’s why you should be using video content to generate cases & grow your brand. 

You can use YouTube Ads in several different ways. Firstly, law firms can leverage them to promote existing videos they have such as case studies, team videos, etc. This is ideal if you wish to increase traffic to your YouTube channel. This also helps gain trust as people are starting to see your ads more often and see the past success you’ve had. 

Secondly, there are skippable in-stream video ads. These play for a minimum of 5 seconds and can then be skipped. The video ad needs to be at least 12 seconds long and it’s recommended to not exceed 3 minutes. 

Both video types are the most commonly used strategies for Lawyers on YouTube because they work. If you are interested in growing your firm book below and we would be happy to answer any questions and share case studies with you. 

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