Understanding how PI leads are generated is step one in the process of getting qualified leads for your law firm. Diversifying where your leads are coming from is essential. Being able to market your personal injury law firm is the most complicated process in growing your firm to the point of satisfaction. Everyone wants to find those truck and rideshare cases but what are they actually doing to find them. Those are the real questions you must ask yourself if you want more motor vehicle accident cases.

We understand why MVA cases are important for PI attorneys because, for anyone injured in a car accident, there are several things that are more straight-forward in comparison to a typical slip & fall, worker’s compensation, or other personal injury claims. The first step is understanding the process of getting quality leads.

It’s considered common practice to pay over $200-$300 for a single click to advertise to someone searching for a car accident lawyer, so you need to be critically efficient to generate these leads that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Through many years of trial- and error, we’ve found the perfect strategy that allows us to get high quality leads at a very reasonable cost, which ultimately allows our clients to get a better ROI. It’s a win-win situation, you get higher ROI and we create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

Our leads come mostly from paid and organic search, a perfect mix one would say. Your potential clients might be searching for an auto accident attorney on Google or looking for information that is related to their specific case or accident. That’s how we generate the bulk of the leads, however, there’s a difference in intent.

Some of your potential clients might not be looking for an attorney or information about their case. That’s when our proven Facebook Ad client acquisition comes in and steals the show. It’s way cheaper than search engine advertising.  You wonder how that’ll work or how that’s even possible?

With the right parameters and targeting you can find your ideal MVA cases on Facebook. The power is in retargeting your website visitors, those who were already looking for an auto accident attorney or information related to their accident BUT didn’t take action.

Book a call with us, and we’ll go over our proven performance-based digital client acquisition system.

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